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RCRA Closure at a Former Manufacturing Facility

Monitored Natural Attenuation is often a successful and cost-effective remedial approach. See how MNA is being used to remediate groundwater following in situ source remediation at a former manufacturing site.



In-Situ Bioremediation of VOCs in Groundwater: Initial site investigations for this former southern California manufacturing site found the soil and groundwater had been impacted by volatile organic compounds, including trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene.

Groundwater Assessment and Flow Modeling for a Renewable Energy Storage Project: Stakeholders need a clear understanding of the potential impacts on surrounding natural resources before moving forward with a major infrastructure project. Hargis evaluated the potential effects of activities involved in a large scale renewable energy storage project using groundwater modeling.

Continuous Air Sampling for Tetrachloroethylene Vapor Intrusion Investigation: Hargis + Associates, Inc. collected grab and integrated indoor air samples during two sampling events eight months apart at an active print shop located within a hazardous waste site in Phoenix, Arizona.

Remedial Investigation in Fractured Bedrock: Fractured bedrock conditions pose a unique set of challenges for successful site characterization and remedial design.  Hargis addressed multiple contaminants of concern, and soil and groundwater contamination in fractured bedrock at a California Superfund Site.

Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Remediation at a Former Chemical Manufacturing Plant: Hargis evaluates a groundwater treatment system using a multiple lines of evidence approach. Key extraction well performance data are tracked and used to determine when well redevelopment or equipment replacement/repair is necessary.

Tackling VOCs in Unconsolidated and Heterogeneous Alluvial Materials at a California Superfund Site: Heterogeneity adds complexity to remedial modeling and implementation. Changes in size and type of materials in an aquifer affect the way contaminants move. Successful clean up requires accurate site investigation.

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