Hargis has the experience and the expertise to solve your soil and groundwater contamination challenges. We are the experts known for successfully mitigating complex environmental issues from industrial discharges to waste disposal practices to indigenous water quality concerns. Hargis is proud to deliver cost effective solutions to some of the nation’s largest industrial corporations and government agencies.

Range of Services

  • Site Investigations Conducting traditional and innovative investigation techniques including large-scale groundwater remedy monitor well installations, direct-push drilling, vertical profiling, and temporary small diameter wells
  • Vapor Assessments Conducting vapor intrusion assessments and mitigation at residential, commercial, and industrial sites and buildings
  • Program Management Performing overall environmental program management including designing, permitting, contracting, and construction of remediation systems
  • Environmental Modeling Developing numerical and conceptual site models to support risk evaluations, feasibility studies, remediation pilot testing, and engineering design
  • Financial Analyses Preparing environmental liability cost evaluations, including determinations for allocation, financial assurance, and environmental reserves
  • Compliance Performing extensive groundwater and soil investigations for regulatory compliance at CERCLA/Superfund sites and RCRA facilities
  • Environmental Sampling Performing comprehensive soil, soil vapor, groundwater, and separate phase liquids sampling for contaminant investigations
  • Waste Minimization Minimizing waste generation through the use of direct-push soil/soil vapor assessments and low-volume groundwater purge/sampling methods


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Experience, integrity, and service delivered to your inbox
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