Hargis assists clients with the identification and development of groundwater resources for sustainable water supply projects. Our engineers and hydrologists have steadfast reputations working with municipalities, water agencies, and private landowners to achieve their groundwater sustainability goals.

Hargis develops effective use of groundwater supplies using a variety of methods including groundwater resource evaluations, impact and mitigation analysis, and water well and recharge basin design. Hargis provides comprehensive groundwater monitoring networks, groundwater management planning, well design, well rehabilitation, and construction support services.

Range of Services

  • Supply & Storage Performing aquifer storage and recovery assessments, water budgets, inter-basin transfer studies, new source permitting, and assured water supply evaluations
  • Impact Assessments Assessing groundwater-surface water interactions, saltwater intrusion assessments, and  surface water geochemical determinations.
  • Engineering & Permitting Designing, permitting, and construction oversight for water supply wells, recharge wells, infiltration basins, potable water treatment plants, and well-head treatment systems
  • Planning & Analysis Performing regional and basin-wide groundwater modeling for source assessment, wellfield design, aquifer impacts, wellfield interference, recharge and dewatering, and sustainability determinations
  • Construction Support Overseeing field activities for the construction of production wells, monitoring wells, well abandonments, pipelines, and water treatment facilities
  • Groundwater Sustainability Evaluating management objectives to achieve groundwater basin sustainability and developing implementation plans


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Experience, integrity, and service delivered to your inbox
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