Name: Theresa M. Lutz

Title: Analytical Scientist/Quality Control/Quality Assurance Manager




Theresa has extensive experience in working with environmental laboratories and water utilities.  As a Water Quality Compliance Coordinator, she was responsible for  reviewing and verifying data for method adherence, comparison of past and present data for usability, data compliance and management, and regulatory reporting.  She has carried that responsibility to her role with Hargis and Associates.  Her experience has made her a great resource for analytical method selection and requirements, along with individual federal and state requirements for laboratory accreditation and reporting.  She has worked closely with laboratories and regulatory agencies to resolve data and regulation issues.  Theresa also has considerable work experience that required in-depth knowledge of water sampling, drinking water requirements, treatment and distribution system water/wastewater discharge and testing, reporting and permitting requirements, field/environmental investigations, and creating sampling plans and operational and QA/QC procedures.