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Environmental Consulting Support for Sustainable Water Supply and Environmental Protection

State and local government agencies want sustainable solutions specific to their regional challenges.  Whether you are concerned about a stable water supply, environmental compliance, or community support- you need a partner with a unique blend of integrity, experience, and service.

Hargis is very accustomed to working with state and local government agencies, including tribal entities.  Our technical and professional experts have the capacity to deliver a wide range of services to support these agencies.

Environmental Compliance

Hargis has the experience and the expertise to solve your soil and groundwater contamination challenges.  We are the experts known for successfully mitigating complex environmental issues from industrial discharges to waste disposal practices to naturally occurring water quality concerns.

Our staff of environmental professionals conduct extensive groundwater and soil investigations to support regulatory compliance, and environmental investigations as part of due diligence assessments for property transfers. Our consultants can assist with successful corrective actions and long-term compliance strategies.  You can rely on us for required tasks included in enforcement or compliance orders, corrective action agreements, and environmental permits.

Learn more about our regulatory and legal support services.

Groundwater Resources Planning and Development

Hargis assists clients with the identification and development of groundwater resources for sustainable water supply projects.  Our engineers and hydrogeologists have steadfast reputations working with municipalities and water agencies to achieve their groundwater sustainability goals.

Services include well design and installation, groundwater storage and recovery projects, water supply planning, optimization, and development support. 

Learn more about our groundwater exploration and development services.

Remediation Engineering

Hargis engineers provide remediation expertise that spans a range of engineering services. We work to develop site-specific goals considering the lifecycle implications of proposed remedial alternatives.  Our engineering staff will carefully evaluate your problems and provide long-term solutions.

Hargis routinely conducts feasibility studies, prepares engineering designs, obtains necessary permits, provides construction management services, and treatment system operation and maintenance.  We also provide financial analyses services including the preparation of environmental liability cost evaluations and determinations for allocation, financial assurance, and environmental reserves.

Environmental Modeling

Hargis is proud to deliver cost effective solutions to some of the nation’s largest industrial corporations and government agencies.  Our environmental modeling services include numerical and conceptual site models to support risk evaluations, feasibility studies, remediation engineering designs, and water resource evaluations.

Range of Services

Rely on Hargis’ staff of experienced hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, and engineers to support your needs when it comes to:

  • Site investigation and remediation
  • Program management
  • Groundwater, soil, soil vapor, and indoor air sampling
  • Remediation engineering
  • Property acquisition and divestiture support
  • Public assistance and communications support
  • Expert witness
  • Financial assessments for environmental liabilities

Featured Project

Polyfluoroalkly Substances (PFAS) Contamination Investigation and Remedial Design
Hargis is currently assisting the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) in protecting the Tucson Water’s Central well field by investigating the nature and extent of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination in the regional aquifer and remediation of the plume by ex-situ treatment. The Central well field serves as the primary drinking water supply for over 65,000 people and the sole alternate drinking water supply for 600,000 people.