Name: Daniel A. Toffelmier, MS
Title: Senior Hydrogeologist

Dan has professional experience in hydrogeology since 2006 and geophysics since 2002.  Dan has provided environmental consulting services including program management and supervision, field investigation management and support, contractor evaluation and procurement, client liaison, data analysis and interpretation, and regulatory oversight communication on projects throughout the southwestern United States. In addition to project management experience, Dan is knowledgeable in the application of a wide variety of media collection and monitoring techniques including those used for the surface and subsurface investigations of soil, soil gas, indoor air, groundwater, and industrial materials.  Dan is also experienced in the interpretation, remediation, and application of regulatory guidelines for numerous impacts to environmental media including VOCs, PCBs (TSCA), DNAPL, metals, pesticides, dioxins, and hydrocarbons.  Dan is also experienced in lithologic logging (USCS), groundwater well construction and development, aquifer testing and data interpretation using ArcGIS, MAROS, ProUCL, and KT3D-H2O.