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Ryne Adams

Greg Cranham, PG, CEG
Senior Geologist

Scott F. Cunningham
 Staff Engineer/O&M Manager

James S. Davis, PG, RG
 Senior Hydrogeologist

Andrew M. Donnelly

David Hargis, PhD
President & CEO

Danielle Gallaher, EIT
Staff Engineer

Ross H. Horton, EIT
Project Engineer

Jennifer Layton-Villarino, MA
Chief Financial Officer

Leo S. Leonhart, PhD, RG, PG, CHG
Principal Hydrogeologist/Senior Technical Director

Michael R. Long, RG, PG, CEM Principal Hydrogeologist

Amanda Morris,GIT

Nathaniel B. Needham Environmental Remediation Technician
Steven P. Netto, MS, PG, CHG Senior Hydrogeologist
Roger A. Niemeyer, PG, CHG, CEG Principal Hydrogeologist

Michael A. Orth, RG

Christian A. Perkovac, RG, PG Senior Hydrogeologist

Marty A. Pierson
Senior Engineering Technician

Stacia L. Prazen, MS, RG, PG, CHG Senior Hydrogeologist
Anthony R. Rossi, MS, PE Engineering Manager

Ruben E. Sanchez, EIT
Staff Engineer

Erica Sanders

Duran J. Sealee, MS

BrandonBranden Selleh
Environmental Field Technician

Brandon Thompson
Environmental Remediation Technician

Daniel A. Toffelmier, MS
Senior Project Hydrogeologist

Mary G. Tyer
Environmental Chemist/Quality Assurance Manager

Peng Vang
Senior Field Technician

Brian R. Waggle, RG, PG, CHG, CEM
Principal Hydrogeologist

Amber Warden

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