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Supporting Case-winning Legal Strategies for Environmental Litigation

Expert technical consultation on complex environmental issues

Environmental litigation often involves complicated, scientific, and technical issues.  Lawyers must have a working knowledge of complex matters concerning natural resources management, resource assessments, contamination, remediation, cost allocation, and cost recovery. 

Our hydrogeology and engineering staff experts are called upon regularly by clients, attorneys, and potentially responsible parties to provide technical consultation related to these environmental issues.  Our approach is one that involves meticulous and thorough collaboration with the various stakeholders involved in these sensitive projects.

At Hargis, we zero in on technical clarity.  We grasp clients’ most challenging problems quickly because, in addition to our comprehensive qualifications and capabilities, Hargis knows the key issues and can flesh-out the nuances that signal red flags.

Environmental Litigation Support

Hargis has 40 years of experience supporting clients in the legal arena.  Our principals provide expert witness testimony and technical support for risk management, contaminant transport, and hydrogeology.  Our experts make data easy to understand, helping you communicate critical issues to a non-technical audience.  We’re here to support you through deposition, trial, mediation, and settlement negotiations.

We assist clients in responding to notice of violations, managing liabilities, and negotiation of Remedial Action and Consent Agreements with regulatory agencies.

 Learn more about our regulatory and legal support services.

Environmental Risk Management and Assessments

Whether you engage in property transfer or litigation, environmental assessments are essential in understanding potential liabilities.  Our scientists provide detailed evaluations of contaminant source, timing, fate, and transport used in identifying potential responsible parties (PRPs) or determining potential future risk.   We conduct environmental investigations as part of due diligence assessments for real estate transactions.

Risk assessment services include sampling of soil, soil vapor, indoor air, and groundwater; groundwater modeling; and evaluation of hydrogeologic site conditions. 

Financial Assessments

Our engineers and professional staff can assist with cost allocation determinations among responsible parties for environmental site cleanup activities and long-term environmental liabilities.

Public Relations

When participation in public meetings is required by oversight agencies, you need a partner who understands the intricacies of environmental issues.  High quality reports, presentations, and supporting documentation is critical in communicating with regulators, the public, and your clients. 

Our consultants can prepare an effective public participation plan and supporting communication materials for a positive stakeholder engagement experience. 

Range of Services

Hargis environmental consultants provide turnkey program support- from science to compliance.

  • Document review, data analysis and interpretation
  • Environmental site investigation and remediation
  • Expert witness
  • Financial assessments for environmental liabilities
  • Groundwater, soil, vapor, and indoor air sampling
  • Environmental site assessments
  • Property acquisition and divestiture
  • Public assistance and communications support
  • Report and presentation preparation

Featured Project

Aquifer Protection Permit

Aquifer Protection Permit

An assessment was conducted to characterize the hydrogeologic conditions in the area in support of an application for an Aquifer Protection Permit required by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). 

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