b waggle

Name: Brian R. Waggle, PG, CHG, CEM
Title: Principal Hydrogeologist

Brian has professional experience in hydrogeology and geology since 1986.  Brian has provided environmental consulting services at several Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and other state-regulated hazardous waste sites for the aerospace, electronics, chemical, power generation, manufacturing, petroleum distribution, agricultural, small business, and mining industries.  Mr. Waggle’s current professional responsibilities include the management, planning, and supervision of projects related to soil, groundwater, and vapor intrusion assessment, soil and groundwater remediation, and environmental permitting.  Areas of specialization include soil and groundwater contamination assessment, water quality and groundwater supply; monitor well design and construction, aquifer testing and analysis, and groundwater capture evaluation.

Email: bwaggle@hargis.com