Hargis is called upon regularly by clients, attorneys and potentially responsible parties to provide technical consultation related to environmental issues. Our approach is one that involves meticulous and thorough collaboration with the various stakeholders involved in these sensitive projects.

Range of Services

  • Assessments Conducting environmental due diligence assessments and site investigations as part of property transfers
  • Investigation & Remediation Performing site investigations and remedial alternative evaluations for feasibility studies to select remedies under RCRA and CERCLA programs
  • Remediation Planning, designing, coordinating, permitting, and implementing site remediation programs in compliance with, regulatory requirements
  • Public Relations Preparing public participation plans and participating in agency-required public meetings
  • Financial Assessments Assisting with cost allocation determinations among responsible parties for environmental site cleanup activities and long-term environmental liabilities
  • Expert Witness Providing testimony and technical support for risk management, contaminant transport and hydrogeology as part of litigation, mediation and settlement negotiations
  • Response and Negotiation Assisting clients in responding to Notice of Violations and negotiation of Remedial Action and Consent Agreements with regulatory agencies
  • Compliance and Permitting Implementing required tasks included in enforcement or compliance orders and preparation of environmental permit applications


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Experience, integrity, and service delivered to your inbox
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