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Applying innovative environmental solutions to reach your goals

Reliable program support where you need it – from science to compliance

We make it our business to know your business.  The environmental engineers and scientists at Hargis understand the obstacles you face and how to help you push past them.  Our model is a collaborative partnership based on more than four decades of field and regulatory experience.

Hargis supports industrial clients of all sizes and segments including chemical, medical, and product manufacturing.  We understand that, regardless of what you manufacture, process, or manage, you face pressures to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and make more with less.  We assist in accomplishing these goals by factoring into our services sustainability, dependability, efficiency, and success.

We provide a wide range of technical expertise in site investigation and environmental remediation, a knowledgeable risk management team, and a comprehensive slate of environmental engineering services.

Site Investigation and Environmental Remediation

Hargis has supported some of the largest environmental investigation and remediation projects in the U.S.  We’ve partnered with potentially responsible parties to achieve site closure and delisting of Superfund sites.  Our staff of geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, scientists, and PhDs can assist with project scope and engineering cost estimates; and perform site investigation, vapor intrusion assessments, remediation engineering, and implementation of a full range of remedial technologies for soil, vapor, and groundwater contamination.

Regulatory Closure for Contaminated Sites

We help you navigate the regulatory framework to complete complex projects on schedule.  Our experts have extensive knowledge of federal requirements as well as local regulatory processes, agency representatives, and their requirements and expectations including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, California Department of Toxic Substances Control and Regional Water Quality Control Boards, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and other State environmental agencies.  Our staff provides support for complicated Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Superfund site closure to routine environmental monitoring for permitting and regulatory compliance.  Our experts make data easy to understand, helping you communicate critical issues internally and externally.

Property Acquisition and Divestiture

The purchase and sale of industrial real estate often requires expedited site investigation and remediation.  Hargis understands how to move these projects forward while protecting your interests.  Our consultants are experienced in conducting environmental investigations as part of due diligence assessments for property transfers for clients.

Operations & Maintenance

Environmental managers often struggle with tight budgets and limited resources.  Assuring your remediation system is performing at its peak reduces the risk of costly downtime and unexpected repairs.  We offer comprehensive services for operations and maintenance program support for a wide range of on-site remediation systems and technologies including troubleshooting, management and evaluation of data, preparation of regulatory documents, tracking of system operational metrics, tracking permit compliance, verification of health and safety practices, and system optimization.

Contaminants of Concern

Industrial and manufacturing facilities are often faced with complex soil and groundwater contamination.  Our team of environmental engineers, scientists, hydrogeologists, and geologists know how to tackle these unique challenges involving

  • Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds
  • Petroleum hydrocarbons
  • PFAS and other emerging contaminants
  • Perchlorate
  • Metals
  • 1,4-Dioxane

Range of Services

Hargis environmental consultants provide turnkey program support, including:

  • Hydrogeologic investigation
  • Environmental modeling
  • Remediation engineering
  • Groundwater, soil, and vapor sampling
  • Vapor intrusion assessment
  • Expert witness
  • Financial assessments for environmental liabilities
  • Liaison for response and negotiation with regulatory agencies
  • Compliance and permitting
  • Treatment system operation and maintenance
  • Expert witness

Featured Project

RCRA Closure at a Former Manufacturing Facility

Through an extraordinary collaborative partnership, Hargis consultants assisted with the remediation of lead contaminated soil and VOCs in the groundwater.  The complex remediation strategy included soil excavation, groundwater pump and treat, and monitored natural attenuation.  This Superfund site was delisted from the National Priorities List in 2022.

Featured Blog

Hargis Industrial Manufacturing

4 Strategies in Environmental Remediation: A Case Study in CERCLA and RCRA Processes Including Closure and Delisting

Remedial investigations and cleanup actions at federal and state hazardous waste sites are a complex, lengthy, and expensive endeavor.  Environmental, Health, and Safety Managers can’t afford to go it alone.  By working with a team of experienced environmental consultants, responsible parties can proactively manage their risk, reduce long-term liability, and control the cost of environmental investigation and remediation on RCRA and CERCLA listed sites. In this blog, Principal Hydrogeologist Michael Long shares four strategies in environmental remediation implemented on a Superfund site and a RCRA site to achieve site closure.