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Experience, integrity, and service delivered to your inbox
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Serving the Public Interest

Sustainable Solutions for Local Communities

Hargis has served public utilities including water providers and electrical generators for decades.  We understand the everchanging regulatory framework and demanding nature of today’s public utilities.

Our team assists our public water utility clients in upholding their fundamental responsibility to provide safe, reliable, and secure water supplies.  We collaborate with you to develop and implement plans to augment groundwater supply; optimize wellfield and surface water operations to efficiently meet demand; and investigate and address groundwater contamination.

We provide hydrogeological and engineering services to assist electrical utility clients to achieve regulatory compliance; and assist with property redevelopment to remain relevant in the industry.

Our commitment is to develop a deep understanding of your goals and challenges and provide technical expertise while controlling costs.

Assured Water Supply Evaluation

Access to reliable, clean water sources is a challenge for communities today.  Hargis employs more than 20 professional geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, and PhDs with decades of experience in water resource investigation.  We start by evaluating your management objectives then develop implementation plans to achieve your groundwater basin sustainability goals.  We’re ready to help you meet today’s challenges and plan for tomorrow’s needs.

Learn more about our groundwater exploration and development services.

Sustainable Ground Water Management

Our engineers and hydrologists work closely with water supply agencies to development groundwater resources for sustainable water supply projects.

We develop effective use of groundwater supplies using a variety of methods including groundwater resource evaluations, impact and mitigation analysis, and water well and recharge basin design.  We provide comprehensive groundwater monitoring networks, groundwater management planning, well design, well rehabilitation, and construction support services.

Real Estate Transfer and Redevelopment

Property transactions are necessary strategy for public utilities.  Comprehensive site investigations for soil, groundwater, and other environmental conditions help manage risk and long-term liabilities related to the sale or redevelopment of your portfolio properties.   Hargis understands how to expedite projects while protecting your interests.  Our staff is experienced with conducting due diligence and property assessments for public utilities.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental regulations and permitting can be daunting for public utilities.  Hargis brings you peace of mind by proactively managing risk, reducing your long-term liabilities, and controlling costs.  Oversight agencies trust Hargis because we have extensive working knowledge of the regulatory process and requirements and collaborative relationships with agency representatives.

Learn more about our regulatory and legal support services.

Environmental Characterization and Remediation

Private utility companies and public utility organizations are often faced with soil and groundwater contamination issues.  Hargis has the expertise to solve these challenges while protecting your interests.  From sampling and modeling to remediation and monitoring- rely on the consultants at Hargis to deliver cost effective solutions for your environmental challenges.

Learn more about our environmental investigation and remediation services.

Range of Services

With Hargis, you have direct access to environmental experts in hydrogeology and remediation engineering.  Specialized services for public utility agencies include:

  • Environmental site investigation and remediation
  • Environmental modeling
  • Expert witness
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Permitting, compliance monitoring, and reporting
  • Property redevelopment support
  • Public assistance and communications support
  • Report and presentation preparation

Featured Project

Monitoring Wells for MAR

Monitoring Wells For MAR
Hargis + Associates, Inc. is currently providing hydrogeologic consulting services to the Mojave Water Agency (MWA) for the Oeste Demonstration Recharge.

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