When managing environmental liabilities and due diligence for aerospace sites around the globe, this Senior Engineering Manager relies on a small group of technical consultants he can trust to protect his company’s long-term risk. In positions like this, it’s critical to hire high quality consultants who understand aerospace’s unique needs.

Hargis has been a trusted partner of major players in the aerospace and defense industry for more than three decades. We are part of a small pool of environmental consultants supporting the remediation of a 6,000 acre Superfund site in central

Our dedicated full-time crew of geologists, engineers, and technicians provide ongoing turnkey management of the site’s well drilling program. The team directly supports the site’s expansive remediation infrastructure which includes over 2,000 monitor wells, 170 extraction wells, three on-site and four off-site groundwater extraction and treatment systems treated 25 million gallons of groundwater per day.

Contaminants of Concern

• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
• Perchlorate
• N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)

Services include

• Manage the installation of all groundwater monitoring and extraction wells to aid in
  remediation efforts
• Manage, operate, maintain, and technical support for compliance and regulatory        reporting for site’s operation and maintenance (O&M) program
• Soil vapor, landfill gas, and indoor air monitoring
• Soil and groundwater sampling and investigations
• Project staffing to manage and conduct field inspections, permitting, documentation    and provides technical hydrogeologic support

Implementation of standardized procedures for the O&M program has significantly reduced the client’s annual spending for both routine and non-routine O&M and continues to result in an impeccable health and safety record.

Key Accomplishments
• Dedicated crew of 7 full time geologists and operation & maintenance staff
• Manage full scale RCRA remediation and monitoring program on active site without    disruption to client’s daily operations
• Support remediation infrastructure of 2,170 wells
• Pump and treat 25 million gallons per day on 6,000 acre site
• Provide operation & maintenance for 9 groundwater remediation systems
• Qualify and coordinate pool of subcontractors in accordance with strict environmental, health & safety program


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