Name: Nathaniel B. Needham
Title: Environmental Remediation Technician

Nate has professional experience in environmental remediation services since 2018.  Current professional responsibilities include operations and maintenance of groundwater treatment plants, managing fluidized bed reactors with associated lab work, control and maintenance of peroxide and UV reactor systems. Nate also participated in a N‑nitrosodimethylamine treatment efficiency study using a Trojan UV system.  He also was responsible for the Area 40 superfund site air monitoring, during a soil remediation project, along with setup and operation the site weather station.

Along with his current work with groundwater treatment systems Nate is certified in landfill flare operations and maintenance. He received a LF-105 Landfill Flares certification from the John Zink flare school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was responsible for operating and monitoring landfill gas systems, components and abatement systems at two Republic services landfill sites Newby Island in Milpitas, CA and Ox Mountain in Halfmoon Bay, CA. He also has past and current experience in hazardous gas and ambient air data collection on landfills and superfund sites used in remediation processes.